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The Dog Training Secret Review

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The unique selling point of TheDogTrainingSecret is in the training method.  This product uses the "hands off" approach, using a clicker and treats.  The presenter explains that this is a more effective training method than simple treat reward based training or punishing the dog when it has behaved badly.  The way this works is that every time the dog performs the desired action (for example to sit on its bed), you click the clicker and give the dog a small food treat.  The dog will associate the click sound with the reward, and will quickly learn that performing the desired action results in a treat.  This works better with a clicker and treat combination because it appeals to both the sense of sound and of smell/taste.  The next stage is to add a vocal command so that the dog associates this command with the action, helped by the reward and the clicker sound.  Eventually you will be able to get the dog to perform the action using only the vocal command, and clicker and then only the command.  This work needs to be repeated, reinforced, and new distractions and difficulty levels added such as moving into different rooms of the house etc.  All this is explained in a free video accessed through signing up with your e-mail address.  (Spam alert).

The "Hands Off" dog training package comprises of two audio CDs lasting nearly three hours in total.  This is what is included:

  • 19 lessons in total detailing strategies how to cure common behavioral problems
  • 54-minute recording on "Overcoming Training Hurdles"
  • 6 advanced trick training lessons with easy to follow instructions

In addition to the audio guide there is a 37 page Dog Training Handbook to print out and use as a reference guide.  There are five extra bonus features, including a surprise bonus.  The quantity of the content is not as high as some of the other products in this category, and there are no accompanying videos other than those you receive through e-mail.  The quality of these newsletter videos is not great and fairly amateur. Though some care has been taken to present the instructions and demonstrations in a clear manner, the quality of the picture and sound is not to a particularly high standard.  You've got to love that little puppy learning to sit on its mat though. Sometimes it is good to see that the dogs the presenters use are normal everyday naughty dogs with problems like any others.

As with most products there is a 60 day money back guarantee, which is worth noting.  The website offers plenty of free advice, and is well laid out and easy to read.  There are quite a few free videos such as OFF limits Dog Training, which is activated by inputting your e-mail address.  You will receive regular spam afterwards, and some more free demonstration videos including a "webinar" (a web seminar?) about "Training Your Dog to Listen".  There does not appear to be a web forum or e-mail consultation, but with these free videos you get a pretty good and informative package. Why not check out the free videos for a taster?

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