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Dove Cresswell's Dog Training Guide Review

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Dog Training online is by far one of the most professionally produced products in this category and well deserves a look if you are interested in training your dog.  Many of the other products here are e-books presented with hundreds of words of hard sell, promising all sorts of miracles in a snake oil seller kind of voice.  As most people like to actually read things on paper instead of on the computer screen, you might end up printing off the e-book which could cost quite a lot in paper and ink.  Pictures are useful visual aids, but again this will end up costing you more too.  By contrast, this dog training product comes in the form of seven easy lessons with pictures and audio that can be accessed online once payment has been taken.  They are little moving picture videos with just photographs, text and audio.  This is different to many of the other products here, and works very well.  The lessons, listed in the features above, are instructed by Dove, showing you the steps in photographs and text, highlighting important words.  The audio is an important tool because it means you can hear the tone of voice used by the trainer.  Dove Cresswell stresses the importance of a positive upbeat tone, and you can hear what she means in the lessons, and copy the commands and steps for trying at home.  It is simple but very effective.  It makes good use of the internet, which cannot be said for a lot of products claiming to be "online products".  It may actually be more useful than an actual video, because they can be more time consuming to watch and are a less clear teaching method.

The dog training principle that the trainer, Dove Cresswell uses is to teach obedience using basic commands as if  they are tricks.  Food treats are not used, but only the tone of voice as a reward, and no negative response if the dog does the wrong thing.  Teaching the dog new things as tricks creates a positive, fun context that dogs respond to very well.  Also, teaching dogs tricks like "shake a paw", "wave" and others, allows you to bond with your dog in a fun way and keep a good foundation of control.  Common dog training mistakes are covered, such as:

  • Snapping the leash when you say "heel".  This creates a negative response to the "heel" command.
  • Not differentiating between the words "off" and "down".  This can cause confusion for the dog.
  • Bending over your dog's head or face when telling him a command.  This is an aggressive stance in dog body language.

Cresswell advises that 10 to 15 minutes maximum should be spent training your dog at any time, and that most dog classes go on too long, which is counter-effective.  She claims that her techniques will work with all breeds and sizes of dogs.  Cresswell has experience training animals in Hollywood and for commercials, so has developed these techniques that achieve the required results fast.  In her job, time is limited, so she has had to develop a fast and effective method.  The free bonuses include individual e-mails with Dove Cresswell, who can help with any problems you might have training your dog.  Other treats in the bonus bundle include information on choosing the right toys for your dog, teaching your dog to fetch, and to play soccer. The fun starts here...

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