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Dog Training Boot Camp Review

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Accelerated Dog-Training-Health-Grooming is a 'dog training e-book system' designed to provide you with professional secrets that will combat behavior problems with your dog.  The package includes the e-book 'Dog Owners Boot Camp'  and six bonus e-books, listed above.  All the common problems are mentioned here with step-by-step instructions on how to solve them.  All common problems are covered, including chewing, jumping up, nipping, bolting, leg humping, toileting problems, and possessive aggressive behavior, for example over the food bowl.

This is a comprehensive guide to dog training and dog 'un-training' i.e. smoothing out problems that have been learned through poor handling and communication in the past.  The aim of the product is to improve your dog's behavior and make living with him/her a more pleasurable experience.  There is a small section on puppy raising but this is not a guide to puppy training.

The training is based on positive reinforcement to ensure your dog does what is asked of him/her every time.  The aim is to help ordinary people with no previous experience in dog training to enjoy their dogs and have fun with less of the hassle of bad behavior.  This is a quick start guide to dog training, and although covers a wide range of issues, it does not go into great depth, but rather equips the reader with easy to use techniques that will help in every day life.  The idea is to examine human behavior from a dog's perspective so as to understand how better to communicate with dogs.  As well as dealing with behavioral problems, 'Dog Owners Boot Camp' guides the reader through the process of choosing a dog, health care and grooming routine. 

Although there are some good testimonials from other authors, veterinarians and readers, there is no information before you buy about the author.  There is a little bit describing the author's experience as a dog groomer, before writing the book, but it can be assumed that this is not a professionally qualified dog trainer. This would be good to know, seeing as it claims to give away professional secrets that only a professional dog trainer would know. The website is rambling and repetitive, as are many of these sites selling e-books and rather lacking in solid information and showing you a good example of what  is actually in the product.  However, at this price you can't go too wrong, and if it turns out to be not what you expected you can get your money back.  It is in the top ten best selling products in this category, so let the figures speak for themselves.

The e-book and six bonus features come with a 90 day money back guarantee.  This all can be downloaded instantly to your computer.  Payment is taken using ClickBank.

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