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How To Train My Puppy Review

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How to train my puppy is an e-book written by a dog owner who collected information through reading books, professional consultations, magazines, videos and searching the web to come up with a comprehensive guide to puppy training.  The author drew on his real life experience and used it to help others with this e-book.  The e-book is organised into an A-Z step-by-step system, which the author claims will save you heaps of money.  The concept is a fast-track system that is designed to save you time as well as money.

Always be wary of products that claim to be a "quick fix" because some things take time for a reason.  Learning is no exception, and certainly working with animals requires a lot of patience and understanding.  When training your dog, it is a two way street - both you and the dog will be learning, and every dog and owner is different, so no product can work in the same way for everybody.  Remember that in the US there is no regulatory body to control the quality of dog training services or products, so it will be up to your own instincts to decide what is right for you and your dog.  However, there are some basic principles that can help to understand the relationship we have with our canine cousins, and how best to work with them.

Puppy training can be an arduous task and requires persistence, a gentle firm hand and days and weeks of patience and supervision.  "How to Train Your Puppy" serves as a useful guide to keep at hand at all times, deals with the main tasks of puppy house training, as well as preventative measures for misbehavior and dealing with problems as they arise.  Toilet training is probably the first thing you are going to have to get to grips with, and can be the biggest source of frustration.  "How to Train Your Puppy" contains many tips and secrets to getting this right, and managing a good living arrangement with the least amount of head aches and aggravation.  For those little mistakes there is a recipe for an effective carpet cleaning formula, and information on crate training as part of an effective training method for preventing mishaps and establishing a toileting routine for your puppy.  With these snippets of information, all collected from various sources, this product claims to be a fast method of getting the required results.

The training style is reward-based and advises against force.  Behavioral insight is used and explained as to why seeing things from your dog's point of view can be a helpful insight.  The product comes in two formats, e-book and downloadable audio.  Although not the cheapest product in this category, there are some great free bonus products that come in the price of $79.95.  The Pet Medical Recorder is a great way to track your dog's medical treatments, and allows you to track flea and worm treatments so you can instantly see when they need repeating.  Once you have bought "How to Train Your Puppy" you will receive updates so that the information in your e-book will never be out of date.  Information on how to upload your updates will be included in the e-mails, as well as product support.

A highly popular product with lots of enticing features, "How To Train Your Puppy" has made the top ten on No1Revews.com.  Why not check it out?

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