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Dog Training Academy (Home Study Course) Review

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Dog Training Academy offers all the features you would expect from a dog training course.  The course is called Expert Dog Training Secrets Revealed and was developed by two dog training experts, one of them being a man named Ray Colero.  The course is completely downloadable to your computer, so there are no shipping costs or delays.  It comprises of four text documents, five audio volumes and no less than nine bonus features.  The first part of the course is in the Plan of Action document.  This is essentially a chart that helps you to work out what to do to solve your dog training problems by filling in the blanks and following the instructions.  The next step is the Quick Start Guide, which explains the course of action.  The bulk of the course information is contained in the audio guide.  This will be downloaded to your computer and can be played on an MP3 player, your PC or burned onto CD so that you can listen to it wherever you like.  

Audio Program 1 covers dog psychology.  This explains the reasons for dog behavior, how they see the world and common misconceptions that humans have that can cause behavior problems.  There is a fair amount about safety regarding children.  Audio volume 2 is all about Puppy Training.  This includes house training, how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, how to stop your puppy mouthing, chewing and biting, and information about vaccination.  Audio Program 3 introduces Dog Obedience Training.  This contains advice from the experts about how they train their dogs, and claims to be a fast, effective and money-saving source of all knowledge on the subject.  Audio Program 4 tackles the issue of problem solving.  There are details here about common problems such as pulling on the leash, jumping up, mouthing, chasing, aggression to owners and further advice on child safety.  Audio Program 5 is entitled "Problem Solving Part 2" and includes the issues of digging, separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs, house training puppies, pulling washing off the line and excessive barking.

The other two accompanying text documents are the Training Guide and the Study Manual.  The Training Guide covers everything you need to know that is covered in the audio course.  The Study Manual accompanies the Training Guide as a condensed version and includes all the key tips, tricks, strategies and techniques used throughout the audio guide.  At first glance, there seems to be a lot of information contained in this course, but because the text documents cover the same information, they are really only a visual reference to the same information in the audio files.

The bonus features offer some additional titbits of information about health, canine diet, veterinarian care and grooming etc.  The dog grooming bonus feature comes as an audio CD, but the others are in text format.  The two bonus features "How to Solve Canine Aggression" and "How to Prevent Future Doggy Problems" should really be comprised in the main part of the course as they are pretty fundamental issues.  The bonus feature of 12 months worth of e-mail consultation should make up for this though.  All in all, this should be an entertaining few hours on your iPod.

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