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Dog Training For Dummies (J. Volhard) Review

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As with all Dummies books, Dog Training for Dummies starts with the absolute basics, and leads on to more advanced advice on common problems.  The step-by step instructions are designed to be clear and easy to follow.  The language is simple and fun to read.  As an instruction manual, this book works well with small paragraphs of text, interspersed with key facts highlighted using bullet lists and boxes.  This helps the readers to keep their attention and remember the important information for the exercises.  This is an illustrated guide that shows the training techniques through fun drawings as a way of explaining what to do.

This is a pretty thorough introduction to dog training, covering all aspects from basic dog behavior through choosing your new dog, an overview of dog ownership, basic training, training for competition, and dealing with common problems such as aggression and health care.  There is a useful table of comparison for the different basic dog training methods and their effectiveness, i.e. "no-no", "yes-yes" and "yes-no".  "No-no" means the dog is  told only when he has done something wrong, and learning will take a long time, and he may give up because of the related high stress levels involved.  "Yes-yes" is when the trainer tells the dog only when it has done something correctly, and this can require a lot more patience and be quite a long process.  "Yes-no" is when a combination is used and gets much quicker results with much less stress involved.  This last style is favored in this book.

There is a good index, which you do not always get with the more narrative dog training books and can be very useful for quick reference.  Basic training includes sit, stay, release, go and lie down and recall.  A decent amount of insight  into dog psychology is explained, and understanding their basic needs and format for communicating.  There is a good section on the importance of considering stress and how it can affect your dog's learning.  There is a whole chapter devoted to dealing with unwanted behavior, however this is not a specialised book on the subject.  Some products in this category focus more on these issues, and may offer a more in-depth analysis.  However, it is highly recommended that you read around the subject and do not take one author's word for it.  It is your dog, after all. 

This is a good place to start for gaining an insight into dog training, but there is no substitute for expert advice and hands-on training. Dog Training for Dummies is a trusted format and uses non-controversial methods and basic good advice based on common sense.

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