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1000 Best Dog Training Secrets (Gorton & Achey) Reviews

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1000 Best Dog Training Secrets (Gorton & Achey) Review

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1000 Best Dog Training Secrets can be purchased as an e-book or as a paperback version.  The authors Robyn Achey and Mr. Gorton are professional dog trainers and founders and co-owners of TallTailsTraining.com and K-9 Education.  With over ten years' experience in dog training, they are experts in:

  • Dog training and behavioral problem solving
  • Puppy development and early raising
  • Breed selection
  • Canine personalities and temperaments
  • Obedience training
  • Animal relationship building

Not all the products in this category are written by professional trainers, so this is reassuring.  This book covers all aspects of dog training from puppy-hood onwards.  In part one the sections deal with each stage of the dog's life through puppy-hood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.  For each stage of the dog's life, the book suggests the goals in terms of training, providing for their needs, and tackling age-specific problems.  In chapter one, issues such as house training, chewing, crate training, basic puppy manners and settling your new puppy into its home are addressed.  In chapter two dog adolescence is explained in terms of the role of leadership, raising tips and the dog's perspective.  Chapter three deals with the adult dog and details goals, expectations, your dog's needs, and raising tips.  Chapter four explains the special needs of the geriatric dog and the role of leadership there as well.  Each chapter follows a similar structure so it is clear and easy to follow.

Part two covers basic training skills: establishing leadership, socialization and obedience training.  The development of life skills such as creating manners, dog etiquette and living harmoniously with your dog, and balancing your dog's essential needs is given in part three.  Part four covers the fun stuff in the form of toys, games and tricks.  The appendix suggests more advanced activities you might want to take part in with your dog such as being a therapy dog, a lifeguard, tricks and agility training.

Overall this book has a good overview of every thing you want to know about dog training.  The authors have hands on experience and professional training in the subject so the information can be trusted and you know you are getting insider information.  Because they have other businesses online, we have awarded stars for community support and diversity of formats used, although these features are not part of the e-book product .  There are no controversial methods used here, and no gimmicks or quick-fix promises, but just a basic conventional modern approach to dog training using tried and tested methods.  This book would give you a good grounding for training your dog and become a useful household guide. Why not give it a try?

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