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101 Dog Tricks (Kyra Sundance) Reviews

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101 Dog Tricks (Kyra Sundance) Review

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101 Dog Tricks is every little girl or boy's dream - to teach your dog super tricks to show off to your friends.  Whether young or old, 101 Dog Tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog.  The idea is to use the tricks as bonding activities which strengthen communication between the dog and owner, which in turn will boost confidence and improve control in day-to-day situations.  You will gain trust and mutual respect by working in this way on the unique relationship between you and your dog.  The author Kyra Sundance, and her dog Chalcy are a professional dog trick show performing team, ranking nationally in dog sports and appearing on TV shows such as Ellen, The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Showdog Moms & Dads.  It seems dog training can be a glamorous business.

There really are 101 tricks in here, ranging through every skill level.  The tricks are explained using step-by-step instructions, fully illustrated with color photographs.  Each trick is accompanied by troubleshooting advice and "build on" ideas to guide you to an advanced level.  The more complex tricks are broken down into smaller easier to learn skills, with a brief overview of how the trick works and what to expect. 

The introduction eases you in by explaining the concept of bonding with your dog though trick training.  There is basic advice on technique such as 'cue, action and reward', your job as a trainer, timing, types of motivation and reward, why people fail, how long it takes to train a dog, and realistic expectations.  Chapter one begins with the basic control commands "sit, "down", "come" and "stay".  The idea behind obedience training, says Sundance, is not to assert dominance over the dog, but to provide the groundwork for a good working and living relationship between a dog and its owner.  It is recommended that even though your dog may already know these commands, practising them will act as a warm up for each training work out. 

Chapter two covers traditional favorites such as "shake hands", "fetch", "roll over", "speak" etc.  Even if you have only managed all these tricks so far, including basic obedience, you will have a pretty impressive repertoire.  The rest of the tricks are categorised by theme, and you can dip into them as you wish.  The appendices are useful references, listing all the tricks by both skill level and sports.  Simply hours of fun to be had here. This book would make a great gift.

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