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How to Raise the Perfect Dog (Cesar Millan & M.J. Peltier) Reviews

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How to Raise the Perfect Dog (Cesar Millan & M.J. Peltier) Review

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How to Raise the Perfect Dog is the latest book by the dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan, will guide you through raising your puppy through to adulthood.  Millan takes four puppies and details his experiences raising them: Junior, the Pit Bull, Blizzard the Labrador Retriever, Angel, the Miniature Shnauzer, and Mr President, the English Bulldog.  Millan says it is possible to raise the perfect dog.  What is great about Millan is that he doesn't guarantee success by selling a set of rules which you must follow to get the required results.  He simply says to watch the dog and it will teach us what it needs.   This book will teach us how to watch the puppy and take our cues from mother nature in order to raise a natural, happy dog.

Millan describes the trap that dog owners often set themselves, that thinking a dog is like a human and raising a puppy will be like raising a child.  He makes the point that we don't think this way about other types of animal.  (Well, most people don't).  It is cruel to treat a dog like a human, because it denies it its natural instincts.  Treating a puppy against its natural instincts  will lead to an unbalanced adult dog with issues that will be harder to rehabilitate from, and could lead to all sorts of anti-social behavior.  The over-use of affection is a common mistake that people make with their puppy, as is picking it up, and letting it get away with bad behavior.  It is these mistakes that can lead to aggression, fear, anxiety and dominance in the adult dog, unwittingly nurtured into it by the owner himself.

Cesar Millan suggests in this book that the human nurturing instincts we all have can be put to better use by firstly understanding that puppies are much less helpless when they come into our homes at eight weeks than a human baby of that age.  A puppy is built for survival, and is ready for being moulded into its environment.  All the time the puppy is watching for cues to tell it what to do in given situations, and it is constantly learning.  By always watching and learning, puppies also constantly push the boundaries to find out what is acceptable and what is not.   The puppy's human owner must take the role of  the nurturing mother and pack leader.

Millan's books are easy to read, clear, precise and engaging.  The quality of the content is outstanding.  Everyone can learn something about dogs here, and a lot about people too.  This is not a step-by-step guide, but a guide into understanding your dog's needs.  Common problems are addressed, and of course day to day care of your puppy, from the first day to adulthood when we must accept the puppy is gone and has grown into a dog.  Millan shows us the joy of job well done, and that we must never discard a dog just because we have lost interest.  This is a book on how to become the perfect dog owner. There is more information, advice and support available through Cesar's website, www.cesarsway.com

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