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Secrets to Dog Training Review

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Secrets to Dog Training not only deals with many of the most common dog behavioral problems, but also more serious problems like dog aggression.  The techniques have been proven to work for 217,487 dog owners worldwide to date and continues to be the most popular product in the category of online dog training.  The course is meant for ordinary people who need to learn a bit about dog behavior and deal with everyday dog training issues, without having had any previous experience. 

The author, Daniel Stevens claims that the success of this product is due to the fact that dogs' different personalities are taken into account and this is catered for using the members' forum.  Here your specific questions can be answered online by expert dog behavioralists and trainers.  Over 25 specific dog behavioral problems are covered in the manual which covers a lot of ground, and the finer tuning can be done by individual customer service.  This is only one of the few top products in this category to incorporate expert one-to-one advice in conjunction with a reading and video learning program.

The training style used here is a combination of different popular training methods.  Correction techniques are used, but there is an emphasis on positive reinforcement and "pack leadership." When it comes down to it, whatever works works.  There is an emphasis on clear communication with your dog, which seems to be a reccurring theme in dog training products - that in order to get our dog to listen to us, we need to think like a dog. 

Examples of common mistakes made by dog owners are highlighted and explained in this product package. If you use the recall word "come" to call your dog to punish it, the next time you call your dog, he will not want to come because he will associate the command "come" with a bad experience, i.e. you punishing it.  This is the basis behind positive reinforcement in dog training, the key to which is clear simple communication.

  Correction techniques are used, but there is an emphasis on positive reinforcement and "pack leadership.".  

The unique selling points of this product are:

  • Most of its customers have used the product to solve their dogs' specific behavioral problems
  • 25 behavioral problems are covered in the course in step-by-step detail, including photos
  • It comes with UNLIMITED online consultations with the author and his dog training team

The course comes as a package including a 260-page book on 25 different dog behavioral problems with numerous photos and step by step instructions. This will serve as your essential reference guide.  Then there is a 30-minute video program that demonstrates dog training techniques using real-life examples.  The emphasis is on body language and remaining the pack leader at all times.  Also included is a section on tried and tested house training methods and how to stop your dog pulling on the leash.  The benefits of this course are:

  • Real life case studies
  • The best dog training techniques
  • Unlimited expert consultation to create a tailor-made experience for you and your dog
  • Plenty of visual learning techniques in the form of photos and step-by-step instructions

In a flooded market, every product is jostling for the customers' attention, and the competition is high.  In the end, what makes a good product is customer satisfaction and word of mouth.  The online forums do a lot to help not only provide good customer support, but they also allow communities to form and spread the word about a product.  The success and amount of activity on a product's forum is a good indicator to how good the product is.

This course is easy to follow, clear and precise. Many people will be drawn to its usefulness in curing dog behavior problems, a wide range of which are covered.  Puppy training is not covered in great depth in this program, but the techniques can be used for puppies. The course is not focused only on puppies or adult dogs, but dogs of all ages and breeds.  However, it is not a scientific rigid method and so takes your individual issues into account by way of customer feedback and advice from the experts.  The multimedia package works well because, while it is helpful to read books on the theory behind dog behavior, most people will have bought this product because Fido is ripping up the carpet so they will want results quickly. 

The successful combination of video, step-by-step picture guides and the bonus audio guide will help speed up the learning process, which should also be a fun experience.  Everything is covered here, from bad behavior to pack leadership.  With an exciting range of free bonus features, including an audio book to listen to on the move in a hectic life,  information on dog grooming and other specialised subjects such as severe aggression and security training, there is something for every dog owner. Why not try the free 6-day course option?

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