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Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan & M.J. Peltier) Reviews

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Cesar's Way (Cesar Millan & M.J. Peltier) Review

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Cesar Millan-understanding-and-correcting-dog-problems was Cesar Millan's first book and is a best seller in the field of dog training.  Autobiographical in nature, Cesar's Way describes the astonishing story of how the Mexican born world famous dog trainer came to America and made his name in Hollywood.  Millan grew up on a farm in Mexico, and has always lived and breathed dogs from the start.  He talks of the people and the dogs who shaped his life and his approach to dog handling, which became his philosophy on life.  From the hours of watching the natural behavior of the packs of local feral dogs on the farm, to the kindness of his grandfather and the strength and assertiveness of his mother, Millan gives the reader an understanding of the natural way to communicate with people and animals through energy and body language.  When you watch Millan in action it all makes sense.

Cesar's Way  begins with a a note about gender.  Millan also makes this point in his other books - that where he grew up, in Mexico, women were not considered the equals of men, and that what he has learned through coming to the US has enlightened him as to the "vital role women play in our human existence.  They truly are the glue who hold our human "packs" together." Many of his clients are women who have problems with their dogs because  of lack of self-esteem due to common issues women have to deal with in society, and so gender is actually a particularly germane and interesting point.

The book continues by describing a typical day at the Dog Psychology Center at Los Angeles.  Every day Cesar and his staff take thirty five off-leash dogs for a run at dawn.  They include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, along with Spaniels, Italian Greyhounds, Bulldogs and Chihuahuas.  Millan exercises his dogs for eight hours a day.  This is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process, and also the basis for what he teaches his clients.  According to Millan, the golden rules of keeping a dog healthy and balanced are as follows:

  • Exercise. Always pick a dog that has lower energy than you.  The average dog should be walked a minimum of 2 hours a day.
  • Be the pack leader.  A healthy happy dog is a calm submissive dog.  You must transmit a calm assertive energy at all times.
  • Dogs live in the moment - you can fix any problem if you forget about the past and the future.
  • A dog is a dog first, then its breed, then an individual,  in that order.
  • Fulfil the dog's needs for discipline and affection in the correct balance.
  • Reward with affection and at the right times.  The dog's greatest reward is to be fulfilled as a dog, not to get cuddled all the time.
  • A dog in the wild with issues is very rare - it is not a natural state, and would not be tolerated.  As is over use of affection.  The dog mirrors the owner's issues.
  • Dogs experience the world through their senses - first the nose, the eyes and then the ears.  Remembering this will help communication and training.

Where any of these points are neglected, issues arise, and often just fixing the exercise rule, which is poorly neglected in most homes, (and not just for the dogs) can have a remarkable effect.  This is an enlightening book, and changes the way we understand dogs and ourselves like never before. Cesar Millan has a website that can be used alongside with this book: www.cesarsway.com. The facilities available through the website are included in the star ratings because it is free to use.

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